Hospital Tests

Occasionally, your medical evaluation, treatment, and care may require certain additional (more invasive) diagnostic and interventional procedures. Fortunately, Coast Cardiology is privileged with cardiologists specializing in these areas. These procedures Include:

CARDIAC CATH – Cardiac catheterization (sometimes called an angiogram) is a specialized test which is useful in the evaluation of heart disease. The presence, or lack of coronary artery disease as

well as the specific location and severity of coronary lesions can be determined with cardiac catheterization. This procedure Is able to determine the function of heart chambers, valves, and other cardiac structures. This test can also measure the different pressures and gradients within the heart. Cardiac catheterization is relatively safe and is typically associated with very low morbidity and mortality.

This procedure is accomplished by using various techniques for the purpose of re-establishing coronary blood flow. Some of these techniques include PTCA (balloon angioplasty), stents, atherectomy, and rotoblator. These procedures are always preceded by a diagnostic cardiac catheterization.

TRANSESOPHAGEALECHO- This type of echocardiogram, also known as TEE, is performed by inserting a small flexible tube with an ultra-sound transducer into the esophagus (similar to an endoscopy) after the throat is numbed with a local anesthetic spray and the patient receives mild intravenous sedation. This 15-20 minute examination provides accurate detailed Information on different heart structures.

OTHER – At times, your cardiologist may recommend other types of angiograms to evaluate several arteries In your body like the aorta, renal (kidney), and carotid arteries. Your cardiologist will discuss the specific indications with you.